About Us

Carpet Cleaning has always been our passion! We have been doing it for years. We decided to help the people of Woking by providing a modern, affordable cleaning service. We started off small, with just a handful of employees. Thanks to you – our loyal customers – today we employ more than 10 big teams throughout the Woking area. We decided to go easy with the name of the company and have it clearly show what we are good at. Woking didn’t have enough professional cleaning companies. We decided to fill that niche and started preparing a business plan. In the beginning, we only had test runs – we cleaned the houses of our relatives and friends. However, we quickly received great feedbacks and decided it is time to expand to the market. And here we are today – helping you with Carpet and Upholstery cleaning and saving you time!

We have only two requirements for our new employees – passion and a drive to get better. We provide the rest – training, equipment, tools, and payment. Our cleaners always undergo a thorough training and vetting process before they are let into customers’ houses. This way, we minimize the risk and take it down to zero. The positive testimonials we receive are a guarantee that we are moving in the right direction.
We are big on ecology and climate change, so we always use modern, ecologically friendly detergents. We know your carpet doesn’t need the strongest and toxic mixtures to become clean. Our methods include specialized training on how to remove even the worst stains with weaker detergents. And we always succeed. This is why we consider ourselves one of the best options on the Woking cleaning market right now.
The equipment we use is the latest in the carpet cleaning field. We are particularly proud of our deep cleaning tools and expertise – we can make your whole home shine in mere hours.

Even if you are living outside Woking area, we have few teams that can cover areas such as Redhill, Slough and Reading for no extra cost on top!
We sincerely hope you will become a part of the happy family called Carpet Cleaning Woking. We always strive for perfection, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Let us help you clean your home. Call us today, or leave us a message – we will get back to you with your free quote as soon as possible.